Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"  How often do we hear that?  Yet, is it true?  I think so.  I find beauty in unusual places. I'll bet you do too.  So often, as I wander through the town I find myself in, I see something that makes me stop, look and wonder.  What did the creator, of this thing I am looking at, have in mind for me to see?  Art makes a statement.  Art allows the soul to soar.  Creativity sends us to heights that we cannot arrive at any other way.

 Art is also attacked by the enemy of our soul, and given over to the basest points common to man.  But, I find that as I meditate upon that fact, I see the triumph that can be ours by choosing life, and love, and hope, and joy, and peace, and loveliness, and everything that raises us up to strive for more glorious heights. Heights we could never know without Art.

Keep looking! Keep seeking! Keep moving in the direction of Creation!  You can see it!  You can create it!  You can soar!  Blessings! Anna Marie

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