Monday, October 3, 2011

De Colores!

Art is birthed even in the most difficult places.  I have seen people living in cardboard box homes in the mountains of Mexico, yet they decorate their homes with the treasures at hand: flowers, greenery, bits of colored cloth formed by loving hands into flags or banners or some such drapery. 

Driving through Joburg, as the locals affectionately refer to Johannesburg, S. Africa, my eyes were captured by the colorful fence in the above photo.  The colors are happy and somewhat feminine in appeal.  They shine in stark contrast to the razor-barbed wire looped upon the top of the wall.  My sense was of a free-spirit, refusing to be cowed by the danger around them.  The statement of the art seemed to me, "You will never break my spirit!"

I can't help myself...I am singing "De Colores!"

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